Supported projects


YearRecipient of donationRC Sopot International Amount PLN The Rotary Foundation and other RC Founding Website
2019 -2020Congratulations! Your global grant application for funding to provide COVID-19 testing kits and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the City Health Office of Malolos City in Malolos, Bulacan, the Philippines, submitted by the Rotary Club of Malolos Independencia and the Rotary Club of Sopot International, has been approved by The Rotary Foundation.4.200135.000Web page
2019 - 2020purchase oxygen therapy equipment for patients of Infectious Diseases Hospital in Gdańsk8.00015.000will come
2019 - 2020Request for purchase of medical equipment for Pomorze Dzieciom Hospice,
5.0002.000Web page
2019 - 2020RC Bydgoszcz
2019 - 2020Voluntary Fire Brigade from Wda7.000Web page
2018 - 2019Home Hospice for Kids
38.115Web page
2018 - 2019Ukrainian children with war trauma1.000Post web
2018 - 2019HANDS ON10.000Post Web
2018 - 2019Agaty Klaudii Kopeć, wish have SMA spinal muscular atrophy5.000Post Web
2018 - 2019Our donation helped medical students to organize their trip and transport of cardiology equipment to Kenya as part of the Healing with Mission - Heart for Kenya campaign5.000Post web
2018 - 2019The RYLA ( Rotary Youth Leadership Award)1.200Post web
2018 - 2019We donated a part of the Global Grant 1743565 for Lithuanian Rotary Club for a suicide prevention project.1.000
2018 - 2019Global Grant 1747062 we contributed to improving the sanitary conditions and the quality of drinking water in the social welfare center in Yasinya, Ukraine.4.000640.000Post web
2018 - 2019Rotaract1.000Post web
2018 - 2019We supported the oncological treatment of our friend Wisenna 5.000
2018 - 2019The Rotary Foundation 4.000Web
2018 - 2019Rotary Young Leadership Awards1.200Post web
2018 - 2019We have provided Support for rehabilitation equipment for the Social Welfare Home in Bisztynek together with IFMR Polska and IFMR AGS1.0007.000Post web
2018 - 2019We had our contribution in renovating a school in Kaliningrad, Russia.8.00012.000Post web
2018 - 2019We supported Artyści Zdolni do Wszystkiego association.1.000
2017 - 2018We purchased medical equipment for the Pomorze Dzieciom Foundation for the Home Hospice for Children12.50020.000
Post web
2017 - 2018GG 1639867 Hospice Caritas St. Joseph in Sopot.40.000130.000Post web
2017 - 2018Patryk is a 17-year-old boy who has a smile that warms everyone’s heart6.000Post web
2017 - 2018As every year, we co-financed the summer camp in Poland for children from the war zones of Ukraine1.000
2017 -2018The Rotary Foundation 4.000Web
2017 - 2018We purchased rehabilitation equipment for the hospital in Dzierżążno8.000Post web
2017 - 2018Childrens PMI English Summer Camp5.000Post web
2017 - 2018Ukrainian children with war trauma1.000Post web
2017 - 2018GG 1743733 a water well in Kenya2.000Post web
2017 - 2018The Hospital in Dzierzaznie Pediatric Rehabilitation Division12.500Post web
1.153365.000Post Web
2017 - 2018GG 1743733 Holland 1.900
2017 - 2018Poradnia Onkologiczna przy Szpitalu Specjalistycznym im. F. Cejnowy w Wejherowie6.290Post web
2016 - 2017The Rotary Foundation 4.000Web
2016 - 2017English Summer Camp 20165.000Post web
2016 - 2017Ukrainian children with war trauma1.500Post web
2015 - 2016Support to Rotaact Poland Trip1.000Post web
2015 - 2016Rotary bookstop, Sopot6.120Post web
2015 - 2016Winter Camp for kids3.500Post web
2015 -2016English lessons for poor children Sopot3.791Post web
2015 - 2016PMI summer camp 20153.500Post web
2015 - 2016Sailing camp Bartek Dębowski
2015 - 2016English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2015 - 2016GUMED uchwała nr 8 wyposażenie pokoju
2015 - 2016Gdynia RC styp. Marjanna Olszewska U 2.2015-16
2015 - 2016The Rotary Foundation
2014 - 2015Project for the Homeless and disadvantaged Sopot35.00035.000Post web
2014 - 2015English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2014 - 2015Maseru in Lesotho5.000360.000Post web
2014 - 2015Pionizator to the Gdynia CHILDREN’S HOSPICE BURSZTYNOWA PRZYTAŃPost web
2014 - 2015Support for ST ANTHONY’S HOME IN LIMURU, KENYA16.000Post web
2013 - 2014English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2012- 2013English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2011 - 2012helped out the school with dinners, winter clothing and shoes for underpriveleged children at the school and this year we are continuing with this charitable work.10.000Post web
2010 - 2011English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2009 -2010English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2009 - 2010Special Vehicle for the Father E Dutkiewicza Hospice, Gdansk35.00035.000Post web
2008 - 2009English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2007- 2008English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2006 -2007English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2005 - 2006English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2004 -2005English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2004 - 2005Summer Camp 20045.000Post web
2004 -2005English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2003 - 2004English lessons for underprivileged children8.000
2002 - 2003School Project GdyniaPost web
DonationTotal amount in PLN451.640