An initiative from parents and people with open hearts and with great support “ Polish Reasecuration Foundation” and Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation, this year started an organisation of a new school  named St. Father PIO.   

A New year opened in 23 of September, I – st year enters 6 pupils  in new school, dedicated for blind childrens, named „ Saint Father PIO”   in Sobieszewo, with presence of  Reperesetnative for Unable Children – Paweł Wdówik, a member of Ministery of Education and V-Ce Bishop X Piotr Przyborek.

In 1 – st year –  in class is 6 children, three of them are completely blind.

Some of them has additional problems :

  • ADHD,
  • mild level of mental disease.
  • one of them is traveling from Elbląg (60 km)
  • It is the only alternative to school in Laski – near Warsaw, but with hotel

Regular education program for primary school is realised thanks to the work of 11 specialists, using special machine for Brail writing and reading  ect.

  • At present time – no fee is taken from parents

The main source of funds are Sponsors.

Teacher salary is covered by Ministry of Education, in particular from Regional Municipality,

For meals present needs are +/- 1000 PLN / month (for now: one of teachers gave her own money).

For now the school uses foreign rooms, but it is still looking for a pavilion to renovate.

Bank account: 44 1140 2004 0000 3702 8328 1617

 Our Club made a support for 3,300 PLN to support for daily food.

Maria Dudziak,

SIRC,  Paul Harris Fellow,


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