A fascinating conference “SOS, child cries for help” organized by a foundation https://fundacjapozytywni.pl was held in Gdynia and our club RC Sopot International was one of the sponsors. The scientists in the field of psychology, paediatrics, biology and pedagogy gave lectures such as: 

 The status of a child among adults – polarizing worlds

Lose a man in an institution. School procedures and the principle of individualization

I am, I listen, I know, all about relationships in education

Lonely Brain. About the neurobiological effects of loneliness, lack of connection and acceptance in children and adolescents

Fight and flight as defense mechanisms of a child

Needs and problems of an LGBT child

Wolves in the walls – climates supporting child development

Sensory integration disorders in the context of school readiness

 If you’d find subjects interesting, as over 4000 people did, you could watch the whole conference on Facebook, link below, free of charge 



Text: Ewa Okrucińska Photo: Ewa Okrucińska