But not all would be affected by cold in the same way. We could turn on a heater, eat a bowl of hot soup… Not all are lucky as we are, especially Ukrainian fighters and children who lost their parents during a war with Russia, and live in rarely well equipped orphanages.

Our club together with RC of Diss Waveney in Great Britain has founded some items to ease the cold. With help from RC Zamość president Elżbieta Szymańska and her husband, all was sent directly to Ukraine by private transport. The sleeping bags went to the front line in eastern part of Ukraine, and warm blankets were already sent to an orphanage in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine. Rotary International logos were pasted on boxes to make it easier to cross the border with Ukraine, they enclosed a waybill on Rotary letterhead paper too. It seems after so many transports of goods from Rotary Clubs, our logo is well recognized on the border and in Ukraine too.

Thank you very much members of RC Diss Waveney on our own behalf and on behalf of the recipients.

In case you don’t know any Ukrainian language yet – the embroidery says it is a gift from our clubs, or rather from our hearts…

Ewa Okrucińska
President 2022-2023

Text: Ewa Okrucińska Photo: Rotary