The firefighters are brave and that’s why almost every little boy and girl want to become one. The firefighters are empathetic as well. And they really know how to celebrate. Now the explanation of this introduction.

 Our club supports Voluntary Fire Brigade in a tiny village Wda in Pomeranian Voivodeship. We bought them equipment some time ago,

and now we add some money for a purchase of a new firetruck. At the beginning of russian war in Ukraine the firefighters donated their old fireengine to Ukraine. Together with our club’s donation they have collected 200 000 PLN for the new car, and they did it in just two years. 

Now it’s time to introduce the new firetruck to the community. Our club was invited too to be part of the great celebration. With sirens and flares and in a convoy of fireengines from neighbouring villages, to the loud applause from local people, the new car entered the Wda area.

 We hope it will serve long years! 

 As a token of appreciation of our support for the voluntary fire brigade a plaque with Rotary logo and our club’s name as sponsors was hung on the fire station wall. 

Ewa Okrucińska

President 2022-2023