Donation for: Dom Hospicyjny Caritas im. św. Józefa, Sopot

Shortness of breath (dyspnoea) is one of the most common symptoms among hospice patients. We have extensive experience of symptom control in patients affected by lung cancer, patients with lung metastases, advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), etc.

In non-pharmacological management, if oxygen therapy is necessary, the Hospice usually uses oxygen concentrators as a gas source. The concentrators are designed for medical support and are available in models that provide a flow rate of 5 to 10 litres/minute.

Today the Hospice faces a new challenge. The Hospice takes care of patients who have survived COVID; due to severe pulmonary complications, respiratory insufficiency is common. In cases of a co-incidence of advanced lung cancer or COPD, the situation can become extremely difficult.

The management of COVID survivors depends entirely on providing the best possible supportive care. Providing adequate supplemental oxygen is crucial as are the first essential steps. Current recommendations are  to deliver a minimum oxygen flow of 10-15 litres/minute. One way to receive extra oxygen is to use high-tech oxygen concentrators (please see attached links). It is important to us, that these mechanical ventilators do not require pressurized gas (for example by using potentially dangerous oxygen bottles) so we would like to generate our  ‘own’ gas by the use of internal air compressors.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive such an innovative oxygen concentrator to help our patients cope with the consequences of the pandemic situation.

Rotary Club Sopot International and our Partner Club Rotary Club Hannover Ballhof, are pleased that we have been able to donate:

1    pcs   Oxygen concentrator TOKYO 10 H – 10 litre

10  pcs  Medical finger pulse oximeter with alarm

Oxygen concentrator TOKYO 10 H – 10 litre

Medical finger pulse oximeter with alarm











Bendt Haverberg
President 2020 – 2021