Heart for Kenya

Nov 9, 2018 | News

Noble bravery, passion and a genuine will to help others, these are traits of the doctors-to-be who we hosted at our meeting today, members of Treating with a Mission: Students Medical Aid. This summer Anna Piekarska, Grażyna Zweifler and Antoni Zdrojewski went to Kyeni Consolata Hospital in Kenya to train the staff in ECG examination. They aimed to install the essential equipment and implement the examination into the hospital’s daily practice. They could be an INSPIRATION to many of us!
All their actions were supported by Rotary Club Sopot International

Charity support 5000 PLN


Antoni Zdrojewski. Anna Piekarska and Grażyna Zweifler

Grażyna Zweifler, Antoni Zdrojewski, Anna Piekarska, Maria Dudziak and President Bendt Haverberg

rotary heart of kenya