Special Vehicle for the Hospice

Almost two years ago, the Club was asked by Father Piotr Krakowiak who runs the Father E Dutkiewicza Hospice, located in ul. Kopernika in Gdansk for help to provide a special vehicle adapted to transport patients who are confined to wheelchairs.

We are pleased to announce that this specialist vehicle has been purchased and equipped for wheelchair access and it will be handed over to the Hospice at a ceremony which will take place on Saturday 30th January 2010 before the Club’s Anniversary Ball in the Grand Hotel Sopot which takes place that evening.

We have been able to achieve this very worthwhile and much needed Project with the assistance of our Rotary Partner Clubs:

Rotary Club Hannover-Balhof D1800
Rotary Club Amsterdam Zuid D1580
District Designated Funds (D1800 and D2230)
Rotary Foundation

We also extend our very sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the help provided by the Renault ZDUNEK Dealership in Gdansk and its owner Mr Tadeusz Zdunek for the very special price extended to us for this project.

We also thank all those who have attended and those who have sponsored our functions for their very generous help in realising this project.

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