Charity Project

Not only fire could destroy lives and property. A fallen tree on the road you travel, an oil or other Read more
Finally we have frost, snow and more snow in the Tricity, yet our hearts stay warm and sensitive. We’re filled Read more
Rotary made a difference!    Bendt Haverberg  President 2020-2021 Read more
During the Club’s most recent Board meeting Tour Master Bendt Haverberg for IFMR POLSKA – International Ride in Kashubian area Read more
Children's Day - spent in pain, alone, in a foreign environment, among adult strangers who sometimes have to cause pain, Read more
People sick and less fortunate - nobody would like to be one of them. Our empathy is with them, but Read more
Rotary Connects the World - and Rotarians, like in a good marriage, are for better, for worse, for richer, for Read more
With great emotion we received the information about the donation in the form equipment necessary for daily work in the Read more
Fires and floods will be occurring more frequently due to the climate change. Road accidents are always a threat. In Read more
Covid-19 is an even more dangerous threat to tiny, sick bodies of patients of Children Hospice "Pomorze Dzieciom". That's why Read more
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