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Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage des Rotary Clubs Hannover-Ballhof! Willkommen in der grünsten Stadt Deutschlands! Und in einer rasanten Stadt! Man kann sie buchstäblich im Schnelldurchgang ansehen über den Link hier unter "Lesen Sie hier weiter..."

Russian Federation
RC Kaliningrad


Slovak Republic
Rotary Club Kosice Classic


Overlooking the Baltic Sea and its own private beach, the luxury hotel Sofitel Grand Sopot subtly combines magnificent art nouveau architecture with the French "art de recevoir"


International Fellowship of Motorcykling Rotarians CHAPTER IFMR_POLSKA

Kalmar Slott Rotaryklubb – historik I början på 1990-talet fanns det tre Rotaryklubbar i Kalmar; Kalmar RK bildad 1934, Kalmar Nyckel RK bildad 1960 och Kalmar Norra RK bildad 1970. Vid samrådsmöte mellan dessa klubbar hade det diskuterats om att bilda ytterligare en klubb i Kalmar eftersom trycket att få in nya medlemmar var stort. Kalmar Nyckel ställde sig bakom förslaget men intresset från de övriga var minimalt.

Siedziba klubu: Hotel Sheraton w Sopocie ul Powstańców Warszawy 10 Kliknij tu ażeby zobaczyć jak dojechać. Spotkania członków klubu: poniedziałek o godz. 18:00.

Spotykamy się w każdą środę o godzinie 18.00 Stowarzyszenie Klub Rotary Gdynia Orłowo al. Zwycięstwa 255 81-525 Gdynia

Spotykamy się w każdy poniedziałek o godzinie 8.00/17.00 Hotel Nadmorski ul. Ejsmonda 2 81-409 Gdynia

Rotary Club Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia poniedziałek 18.00 Hotel Mercure Posejdon ul. Kapliczna 30 80-341 Gdańsk

RC Gdansk Centrum


Rotaract is an international organization of young people aged between 18 and 30 years old who want to do something for others. Members of the Rotaraktu are trying to better the living conditions of others, by working for the local community and participation in programmes of nternational cooperation. In this way develop its leadership and professional skills and establish new friendships.  Link to Facebook


Rotary e-Club Poland

The area of today's Sopot contains the site of a 7th-century Slavonic (Pomeranian) stronghold. Initially it was a commercial trade outpost for commerce extending both up the Vistula river and to cities north across the Baltic Sea. With time the significance of the stronghold diminished and by the 10th century it was reduced to a fishing village, eventually abandoned. However, a century later the area was settled again and two villages were founded within the borders of today's' city: Stawowie and Gręzowo. They were first mentioned in 1186 as being granted to the Cistercian abbey in Oliwa. Another of the villages that constitute today's Sopot, Świemirowo, was first mentioned in 1212 in a document by Mestwin I, who granted it to the Premonstratensian (Norbertine) monastery in nearby Żukowo. The village of Sopot, which later became the namesake for the whole city, was first mentioned in 1283 when it was granted to the Cistercians. By 1316, the abbey had bought all villages in the area and became the owners of all the area of the city. After the Second Peace of Thorn (1466) the area was reincorporated into the Kingdom of Poland........